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For challenges like this, one needs to be open. To new ideas, new technologies and new directions. One needs to overcome the boundaries of one’s own thinking so that a paradigm shift can open up a whole new direction.People who want to create new things, by overcoming borders, also need to be able to move freely. They cannot be limited by hierarchies or barriers in people’s heads. That’s why, at Cobiax, our brand statement is also our leadership maxim: “Wider scopes” also means “more room for maneuver”.

Our goal is excellence, and not to follow the beaten path.

Cobiax decision-makers define goals, but not the paths that lead to them. They develop visions without defining Utopias. They are the ones who think ahead, the pioneering spirits. They create space for new terrain to be discovered. They are the heralds of the new, wider scopes and larger spaces.


Georg Miedzik

Managing Director , Heinze Cobiax Schweiz GmbH


Jörg Tilmes

CEO , Heinze Gruppe Gmb


Volkmar Wanninger

Managing Director , Heinze Cobiax Deutschland GmbH

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