Farwaniya Hospital Expansion Project,Kuwait


The expansion of the existing Farwaniya Hospital is comprised of three new buildings, as follows:

1) a new hospital with a large ER facility, surgical units, outpatient clinics, an oncology unit, and 465 patient beds,

2) a physical therapy and dermatology clinic,

3) a dental clinic and teaching facility.


On the exterior of the three buildings, solar mitigation mechanisms have been incorporated into the façade system, as large expanses of exposed glass would allow for too much heat gain due to the hot climate of Kuwait. The team devised a three-dimensional screen with openings that allow visibility to the library, the mosque and the auditorium. The spacing of the apertures and the angles of the screen panels change gradually according to the program and orientation of each façade, to allow more or less light and view.


The patient experience and staff efficiency were driving components in the layout and design.The curvilinear forms of the patient bed wings bend to make the most of open views, and create the distinctive massing of the hospital. The free-flowing form of the connector, which houses waiting areas for patients’ families and gathering areas for the staff, gently interweaves with the bed towers to augment the curved forms of the building. The connector was also designed to have maximum transparency along exterior walls to help with orientation within the building. Internal courtyards have been introduced in part to bring natural light into various spaces.

Project Information:

Owner : Ministry of Health

Consultants: TROJB/Dar Saleh Al Qallaf Engineering Consultants

Cost : 500 million US $

Status: Design Phase

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