Failaka island development eyes urban expansion, to create thousands of jobs.

A Kuwaiti economic study predicted Failaka island residents to grow to become 200,000 at a certain point using 187 megawatts of solar power, especially since solar power technology has developed to be more competitive and 60 percent cheaper over the past ten years.

The study made by Dorar Group also showed that Failaka would include a real estate area located on eight percent of the island area to provide inhabitants with all public services. according to the study, the island will also attract over KD 1.8 investments, make an income of KD 22.1 million and provide jobs for 6,890 people.

Further, the study shows that Failaka would include a commercial zone providing a unique shopping experience, restaurants run by Kuwaiti chefs in addition to fashion design institutes where Kuwaiti designers study fashion and get in touch with international peers. The island will also include two shopping malls with 533 stores and 3,200 employees in each. The study also shows that Failaka would be environment-friendly using solar power.


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