Emirates flight in emergency landing over cockpit smoke.

An Emirates flight from Sydney to Dubai was forced to make an emergency landing in Colombo after smoke was detected in the cockpit.

The pilots on board the Airbus A380 issued a ‘may day’ distress call to Colombo when it was 600 kilometres east of the Ski Lankan capital city, according to a report by The National newspaper.

The EK413 flight, which was flying from Auckland via a stop in Sydney, had 471 passengers and 30 crew on board. The flight landed safely at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo 39 minutes after issuing its first distress call.All passengers were transferred to other flights, according to an Emirates spokesperson.


“The aircraft landed safely at Bandaranaike International Airport and passengers were transferred to other Emirates flights. Emirates apologises for any inconvenience. The safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, a Kuwait Airways flight from New York to Kuwait City was forced into making an emergency landing in London following an apparent case of food poisoning.

The KU118 flight, which took off from JFK at 9pm Friday, signalled a state of emergency shortly after it had travelled over mainland Europe, and subsequently was forced into turning back over Germany to London’s Heathrow airport.

The Boeing 777 landed in London at 9.10am UK time, where at least one passenger was taken off the plane, although social media reports suggested that as many six were disembarked.

London Ambulance Service, in a brief statement on Twitter, said: “We treated one patient & took her to hospital after she became unwell on a flight from New York to Kuwait.”

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