Dubai to build eco-friendly largest mosque by 2013

Eco Friendly largest Mosque in Dubai.
Eco Friendly largest Mosque in Dubai.


The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) is in the process of reviewing seven bids for what will be the largest mosque in Dubai, to be located near the Clock Tower Roundabout in Dubai’s Deira.

The 4,180m2 mosque will be construted on a 9,755m2 landscaped plot at a cost of $6.8m, and play host to 3,500 worshipers, all using 15-19% less energy and water, and no hazardous building materials.

The construction of the mosque is in line with the UAE leadership’s vision towards the conservation of resources, environment protection and the adoption of green practices,

The mosque will incorporate green building technologies such as solar panels to heat water for ablution and the Imam’s house, water recycling plants to reuse the water for irrigation, and a roof garden for heat insulation.

The construction plan, which was drafted by a UK environmental consultant will specifically avoid asbestos and polystyrene.


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