Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 15 minutes could be journey of the future by Hyperloop technology.

A daily commute between Dubai and Abu Dhabi that takes just minutes could become a reality in the coming decades. Thousands of people take on the daily grind on the infamously busy Sheikh Zayed Road each day, but the commute could become far easier in the not too distant future.

Future Partnership Programme, Dubai Future Foundation has announced that it will host the ‘Build Earth Live’ contest organised by ‘Astie’ for the Hyperloop Designs in September 2016 in Dubai, according to WAM.

The event will include designing a ‘Hyperloop’ link project. The technology uses low pressure piping between locations that can fire travellers to their destinations at speeds of up to 1200km per hour.The 48-hour contest will involve international scientific cooperation to introduce the latest technology on Hyperloop transportation designs.

More than 100 participants have enrolled under teams from various engineering and scientific international enterprises, and in the final stage, six teams will explain their project in front of evaluation judges.Commenting on the event, Mohammed Al Gergawi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Managing Director of Dubai Future Foundation, said: “Dubai is hosting this global event as part of the vision of Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make the UAE and Dubai a global platform for innovative minds to come together to create futuristic solutions on issues of relevance to humanity.


“This contest is a great opportunity to explore innovative ideas in the smart transportation sector.”Al Gergawi said the future of transportation will change the way people handle their daily tasks, and the way they work and commute.“This will eventually lead to massive global economic growth, and we aim to keep pace with the rapid developments by focussing on smart application of services and innovation in all fields,” he added.

Prior to the competition, the organisers will release a high-level design brief to all potential participants, followed by full details of the event and the introduction of the final projects.The winners will be selected by a committee of global experts who will judge the projects.Should the technology become viable, Hyperloop could dramatically change the way people live and work.For example, the journey between New York and Beijing could take just two hours, allowing daily commutes between continents.Experts say that the cost of building a single Hyperloop tube will cost just 10% of the cost of building conventional high-speed trains.

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