Developments and overview of North Kuwait Jurassic Gas Project.

Ahmad Atallah, Shell Kuwait’s Managing Director and Country Chair, outlined the added value to Kuwait through the achievements of the Enhance Technical Service Agreement (ETSA) between Shell and Kuwait Oil Company ( KOC ). Atallah was speaking yesterday with the  media

The ETSA between KOC and Shell enables Shell to provide effective support to KOC within the constraints of Kuwait’s legislation while adapting Shell’s working model to enable the required support. Shell’s role is not that of a traditional oil field service provider, nor is it an operator role. KOC is the controlling owner/operator, with Shell acting as supporter through an integrated technical approach on a performance- based reward basis.


Atallah said, “The ETSA scope splits into a number of key “Value Elements” which all contribute to the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas development; the support ranges from Sub-Surface and reservoir studies, to Well design and drilling, to Phase II and III design of Surface Facilities, to improvement in Operations efficiency in the existing Phase I facility. All these value elements have a common element of HSE in terms of developing its overall HSE preparedness for building and operating new gas facilities”.

He also highlight the significant focus on technology transfer across all aspects of the project, “Overlying all other value elements is the requirement for Shell to transfer its knowledge with similar complex, sour gas developments to KOC – by way of training, secondment, coaching and crossfertilisation programs.

”Ultimately”, Atallah concluded, ”the value Shell has brought will yield increased recovery in the order of hundreds of millions of “oil equivalent” barrels to the State of Kuwait”. In his remarks Ahmad Atallah described the 65-years partnership between Shell and Kuwait which stretches across the whole energy value chain, from exploration and production to refining, LNG, marketing and retail, both locally and globally. This is complemented with a multitude of knowledge sharing workshops in technical and non-technical disciplines covering the oil and gas business.

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