Construction of Entertainment City in Kuwait City given green light.

Construction of Entertainment City in Kuwait City given green light and
2,650mn sqm project will become a major tourist landmark for the country once complete.Kuwait Municipal Council has approved the construction and development of a major leisure and amusement project in the capital city, it has been announced.

According to a report by state news agency KUNA, the Entertainment City will become a major tourist landmark in the country once complete. The Head of the Capital Governorate Committee at the Municipal Council, Dr Hassan Kamal, said that the project would be established on a total area of more than 2,650 million sqm and that it accepted the Cabinet’s decision for the Amiri Diwan to take it over instead of the Touristic Enterprises Council.

In 2016, he added that the Municipal Council had issued a decision in 2leisure016 to annex the Sheikh Zayed Park, which is adjacent to the current Entertainment City location, into the project, Dr Kamal noted. He also explained that the previous decision for the new project required allocation of land for the Sheikh Zayed Park in another location where the park currently has more than 1,200 trees.

Sheikh Zayed Park is adjacent to the current entertainment city, which belongs to the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR). It still has contracts to maintain the park, Dr Kamal said, as quoted by The Kuwait Times.

In addition, he said the Municipal Council is responsible for evaluating the final plan for the new Entertainment City that overlooks the Gulf. Dr Kamal also pointed out that Amiri Diwan will design the new Entertainment city through international companies. He hoped that this project would attract many people and that it would be vital to Kuwait’s economic and tourism landscape, the Kuwait Times report said.

In 1984, the current Entertainment City was established in Al-Doha area and was considered one of major entertainment center in Kuwait.The announcement came during a regular weekly session of the council. It was also agreed to increase the space allocated for basements in the plots located at Abu Futaira Vocational Area from 80% to 100% of the total space, said the KUNA report.

In another move, the council has recommended toughening the penalties for renting out basements in model housing and investment areas, as these basements are intended to be used as space for parking cars, it added.

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