Changan Motors to be the First Company to bring self-driving car technology to Pakistan.

Master Changan Motors is leading Pakistan into the future of mobility by introducing new automotive technologies and testing them on the roads of Pakistan.

Danial Malik, CEO of Master Changan Motors, stated, “The future is here; it is just not evenly distributed. Changan Pakistan is here to change that by bringing the future to Pakistan and indigenizing autonomous mobility.

Changan Auto is the leader in advanced mobility technologies in China, and we see no reason why we cannot introduce them in Pakistan. We aim to catalyze a safer tomorrow by bringing to Pakistan the very best in global autonomous technology.“

“Master Changan’s vision of “Future Forward, Forever,” is the driving force under which we are testing proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based autonomous driving technologies and adapting it to Pakistani roads.”, he added.

As Danial Malik has previously stated in an interview that “we (at Master Changan) believe people don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it – and with Master Changan, we have a very strong why; a why which runs through our people, products, plants, offices, and everything we do”.


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