Call to scrap 10 year old cars rejected

The ministerial services committee rejected a proposal from the traffic council that called for banning 10-year-old cars from the road, and preferred to wait because the time is “not suitable”. Sources said the proposal is one of several presented to the council to deal with the traffic crisis and reduce traffic congestion.

They said the Environment Public Authority presented the proposal to make the air cleaner from emissions produced by old cars, adding that it expects cars in Kuwait’s climate to perform well for no more than seven years, because high temperatures do not allow cars to remain in good condition long enough.

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Sources said EPA believes vehicular emissions affect the environment, and this is why it wanted to participate in the technical inspection of vehicles to ensure that cars do not have noxious emissions. But the ministerial services committee believes implementing this proposal will constitute a financial burden on citizens and expats.

Via: Kuwait Times

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