Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse coming in Geneva Motor Show (8-18 March,2012)

Bugatti will unveil its 1217PS, 1500Nm Grand Sport Vitesse in upcoming  Geneva Motor Show(8-18 March,2012). The new Vitesse (French for speed) mates the 16 cylinders, 8-litre, quad turbochargers and ten radiators of the Veyron Super Sport with the convertible stance of the Grand Sport.

To support the increment in power, Bugatti have modified the chassis of this car. Bugatti says that they have enlarged the inter coolers and turbochargers to bring about the power hike from 1015PS of the Super Sport version.

Bugatti claims that the Vitesse will hit a top speed in excess of 400kmph, making it the most powerful roadster of all times.
Source : Team Overdrive

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