British tourist slaps Bali immigration officer, mad because she has to pay visa overstay fee

A British tourist slapped an immigration officer at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport on Saturday because she was mad that she had to pay a hefty fine when she overstayed her Indonesian visitor’s visa by months. And the whole thing was captured on camera.

“The person in this case overstayed, exceeding her immigration permit in Indonesia. When she (tried to depart), it was on record that she overstayed,” Immigration spokesperson Agung Sampurno told Detik on Tuesday.

“This was discovered at the immigration counter in front. Then she was taken to the office where inside, it was explained to her that she overstayed,” the spokesman said.
A video recorded inside the immigration office shows the woman cussing an officer out before slapping him on the face.“From the beginning, when we detected that she had overstayed at the counter, she was already emotional with (the officer).”

The woman’s visa expired on Feb. 18, 2018. Indonesian immigration requires foreigners to pay a US$25 fine per day that they overstay.The woman, identified by her initials AT, is currently still in Bali and is being detained. Until she pays the required fine, she will not be released and allowed to go back to the UK, says Sampurno.


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