Be careful!! Consumption of painkillers should be within limits.

Specialist in kidney, hypertension and internal diseases at Al-Mowasat Hospital Dr Munther Al-Sharikh affirmed that consumption of painkillers should be within the limits and in accordance with the instruction of the competent doctors within the scope of their specialty, reports Al-Rai daily.

In an interview, Dr Al-Sharikh indicated that prescribing painkillers cannot be regarded as a medical error. He explained that one of the most significant complications resulting from excessive use of painkillers is kidney failure in some cases. It will require washing of one or both kidneys. This step can help in improving the health condition in most cases.

However, there are cases when the process has to be postponed for patients with renal failure. Dr Al-Sharikh also revealed the advantages of peritoneal washing and the cases for which this type of washing cannot be prescribed. He elaborated on the causes of kidney stones and methods of treatment, linking kidney failure to diabetes and intake of unhealthy foods.



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