Bahrain MPs propose to ban expats from 35 professions

Members of Bahrain’s Parliament have proposed to ban expatriates from working in up to 35 different professions, and while a full list has yet to be announced, these areas of work reportedly include education, currency exchange, accounting, and marketing.

Ahmed Al Salloom, one of the MPs involved in the submission of the proposal, said that the fields were filled with expatriates, and could be replaced by Bahrainis.

“For example, there are 30 money exchange companies in Bahrain and, if they were fully Bahrainised, we are looking at 3,000 jobs, easily.”

A second proposal was also reportedly submitted to bring into effect an increase in minimum wage for Bahrainis by 83% from $796 (BHD300) to $1,460 (BHD550).

According to a report by Gulf Daily News cited by Zawya, the move follows a bill that called for the complete Bahrainisation of all sectors in the kingdom, with fines of up to $53,100 (BHD20,000) proposed on violators.

via: zawya

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