August 2019 launch for Bahrain’s underwater park with Boeing 747.

Bahrain’s Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, said the kingdom would open the world’s largest underwater theme park in August 2019, with the 10ha destination set to feature American plane-maker Boeing’s decommissioned 70m-long Boeing 747 aircraft.

“We are proud to launch this unique eco-friendly project in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Environment and the private sector,” the minister said.

Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority has also being working on the project, which has been developed to revive Bahrain’s marine ecosystem and preserve its natural environment.

The underwater theme park will feature diving spots and artificial coral reefs that are planned to be submerged at a later stage of the project.

According to Bahrain’s state-news agency, BNA, the minister said additional details of the project were forthcoming.

Via : Bahrain News Agency

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