Al-Dawli 1st Kuwaiti bank to attain BCM ISO 22301 Certification.

Al Dawli Bank

Kuwait International Bank (Al-Dawli) announced that it has successfully attained ISO 22301 BCM certification issued by BSI Management System. It is the first Bank in Kuwait to obtain such certification.
On this occasion, Mr. AbdulRaheem Al-Adadhi stated “I am delighted with this certification since KIB is the first local bank to attain it, to successfully undergo independent assessment and demonstrate compliance with the guidelines set out by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In fact, this is deemed a confirmation of the Bank’s efficiency and competency in applying these standards on its banking transactions.


Al-Awadhi stated “Such achievement is a confirmation of Kuwait International Bank’s keenness on the safety and integrity of its assets, staff, shareholders and customers and to maintain good image and reputation which enables the Bank to continue to provide its products and services. In addition, it is an assurance of the soundness and firmness of BCM model applied by the Bank all over its banking transactions processed through Corporate Support, Retail Banking Department, Commercial Banking Department, Treasury and Treasury Operations.


In a proactive step aiming at limiting the repercussion and risks of unexpected incidents, the bank is now able to re-operate during unexpected business interruption and crises though a serious mechanism that enables the Bank to effectively and efficiently provide its services.” Al-Awadhi hailed the efforts of KIB staff in all departments who collectively acted as teamwork to achieve this target. “The certification is KIB”s last but not least achievements and an addition to KIB’s various successes on top of them was made at the beginning of this year by Sheikh Mohammad Jarrah Al Sabah, KIB Chairman, who has received the Red Legion decorated with the Golden Medal Award of Merit, conferred by the Tatweej Academy for Excellence and Quality in the Arab Region in the category of Wise leadership. Moreover, in 2012, Al-Dawli has obtained the Prize of Excellence in BCM awarded by BCI Asia Business Continuity Awards. Our Bank is determined

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