Aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced to open a permanent office in Kuwait.

Boeing Company announced a plan to open a permanent office in Kuwait this year. Recent studies by the giant US aircraft manufacturer have shown that until 2035; Kuwait needs 36,000 pilots and around 100,000 air crewmen, in addition to the GCC member-state’s ambitious plans to enhance its human cadres, Timothy Keating, Executive Vice President of Government Operations for Boeing, said in his speech at the first session of the Kuwait Investment Forum.

Kuwait’s recent measures of facilitations and reformations would inspire international companies, including Boeing, to visit the country, Keating said, noting that training courses for pilots and cadres are to be organized in cooperation with Kuwaiti aviation bodies.Omar Al-Ghanem, CEO of Al-Ghanem Industries and Chairman of Gulf Bank, said Kuwait has several factors and reasons eligible to attract capitals to invest in it,

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