Abu Dhabi tops of the list of ‘Construction Mega Projects’ in the world.

A recent study by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) finds that Abu Dhabi is the leading city in the world in terms of having the highest value construction project pipeline.

The Timetric CIC tracks large-scale construction projects in all sectors, and following a recent assessment of project pipelines in major cities worldwide it has compiled a listing of 50 'Construction Mega Cities,' each having a pipeline of projects with an investment value above US$40 billion.


Abu Dhabi tops the list of these Construction Mega Projects, with total project values close to US$480 billion, just ahead of London in second place (US$477 billion) and Dubai in third (US$394 billion). In addition to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there are a further ten cities located in the Middle East and Africa, and the combined projects pipeline value for the region stands at just under US$2 trillion.

Some of the cities in the list have multi-billion dollar projects that have been announced or are in a more advanced stage of development, but the average value of projects tracked by the CIC in these Construction Mega Cities stands at US$1.1 billion. The combined value of the project pipelines in all 50 Construction Mega Cities stands at US$5.9 trillion, and includes around 5,200 projects at various stages of development, from announced to execution.

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