Pakistan Banking & Finance Professionals in Kuwait (PBFPK) forum successfully launched.

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The forum for Pakistani Banking & Finance Professionals in Kuwait (PBFPK),have  successfully launched.The ceremony was well attended with representation from almost all local banks and members representing various Investment Companies and Audit Firms.

The program started with the recitation of the holy Quran by Mohamed Kashif. The General Secretary, Nisar Ahmed Khan than invited the President PBFPK, Mohammad Saqib to deliver the welcome note and provide an overview of the objectives of the forum.

President Welcome Note:

The President PBFPK then apprised the members on the reasons behind establishing such a forum. He stated that the forum is open to members from banks, finance companies, insurance companies, exchange companies and audit firms. He gave a historical background on the efforts to establish the forum. The President lauded the efforts of the formation committee (FC) which was entrusted with steering the forum until it’s formal launch.


He stated that PBFPK is the ideal platform for communication, networking, and information sharing, which gathers today under its umbrella, the Pakistanis working in Kuwait – to foster mutual cooperation among its members and strives to serve their common interests and goals thus reinforcing the local Banking and Finance industry.

PBFPK aims at weaving a network of connections among Pakistani bankers and finance professionals, to give a strategic depth to the industry by strengthening relations with the local associations, related agencies and international markets.The forum was then open to suggestions from members in which the members participated with great enthusiasm and put forward many suggestions which were well noted.


This was followed by nomination for 3 candidates each representing a segment. 1 each from Banking, Finance / Insurance / Exchange Cos. and from audit firms. Members present in the event were asked to nominate among est themselves a candidate. An unanimous candidate emerged from all the three segments and were declared successful. With this the governing body was completed and the formation committee was dissolved. The members of the governing body are as follows:

President – Mohammad Saqib
Vice President – M. Shamood Chaudry
General Secretary – Nisar Ahmed Khan
Joint Secretary – Muhammad Farooq
Member – Masood-ul-Hassan Khalid
Member – Mohammad Ghazali
Member – Masood Khalid

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