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Hubei Huierjie New Material Technology Co., Ltd.China
Hubei Huierjie New Material Technology Co., Ltd.China

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The Chairman/MD: Mr. Yang Xingming

Mr. Yang Xingming, the Chairman and managing director of HUBEI HUIERJIE NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., is always making the biggest efforts and utilizing all the useful resources to improve product quality to international quality standard, make Huierjie brand AR glass fiber a famous brand in the market.

Huierjie is becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of the new production technology AR glass fiber tank furnace production line starts at the end of December 2017. The product quality and performance will be further improved and better than before. We are always innovating and we are always on the customer side.

A message from Chairman: 

To gather the excellent human resources and create a significant company.


Official Address and Contact Information: 

Official Address: NO.19 West Renmin Road, Xiangyang, Hubei, China.

TEL:0086-710-3121277    FAX: 0086-710-3121777  MB: 0086 136 0727 6770

Web: www.ar-glassfibre.com  E-mail:eric@ar-glassfibre.com

The business of our organization: 

Huierjie is a leading AR Glassfiber producer and supplier in the market. The products ZrO2 16.7% Alkaline Resistant Glass Fiber roving, chopped strand, and chopped strand mat are mainly used in the non-structural decorative concrete elements, external wall GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) cladding decoration panels and other gardening featured elements. They comply with BSEN15422: 2008, ASTMC 1666C standard and used in many famous GRC projects worldwide.

Huierjie is also the largest exporter of AR Glassfiber to the State of Kuwait and involved in country’s rapid development. Below is the list of some prestigious projects done by Huierjie.

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