Saudi Govt. signs $133.1m deal for Kharj Industrial City.


The Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry has awarded a contract for the construction of the second phase of the Kharj Industrial City to an undisclosed local company in Saudi Arabia.

The $133-million contract has set to bring about the expansion of the Kharj Industrial City to 7.5 million square metres. It calls for the construction of water, sewage, flood disposal and telecommunication works which will be completed on the industrial complex situated south of Riyadh.


Work on the second-phase of construction is set for completion in two and a half years’ time and will support other work being carried out on the industrial area.

Other works in support of the Kharj industrial project is the construction of a 132-KV power plant by the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON), which is currently just 5 percent shy for completion, as well as 132-KV overhead power lines and 13.8-KV distribution networks where work is 50 and 70 per cent complete, respectively.


The Kharj Industrial City will be the hub of industries ranging from building materials, oil refineries, asphalt, iron, pottery tubes and plastics.

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